Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

-Albert Einstein

For the last decade I have been collecting old books and rare oddities from area thrift stores and estate sales to find the most fascinating objects that tell the story of our shared history and common interests.

About This Store

I am all about recycling. My goal is to transition items from those who no longer appriciate them, into the hands of those who do. All the objects listed on this site are used with the exception of soaps and self care items in the Fascinating Self Care products (coming in the fall of 2022). The descriptions for the items will inform you of any character blemishes (aka damage) the items may have. Please read carefully and take note of our "no returns" policy.

Shipping Policy

This online store is currently run out of my home in Oklahoma City, where all my inventory resides. Once your order is placed, allow three business days for processing and shipping your order. If you chose to pick up your order locally, you may pick them up between 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. I don't offer any expidited shipping and only ship to the lower 48 states of the USA, but you can always reach out and make alternative arrangements. Contact me at store@nxil.com

No Returns Policy

No returns or refunds on items purchased. Once your order has been fullfilled, the item is yours. You must cherrish it until you die or give it to someone who will.

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I tell stories, both personal observations and stuff I read about in my collection of old lititure. I especially enjoy talking about history.

A gallery of forgotten memories.

As I hunt for fascinating objects for my collection, I come accross people’s discarded memories in family photos. Sometimes just left in a frame, and sometimes an entire family history in a box, perhaps unkowningly donated to a thrift store. I started purchasing these. I didn’t know why when I started, but now I do.