Store Policies

I am a big fan of clear communications, but I personally hate legalize language that is intended only to prop up the legal practitioner industry. So I am going to attempt to be very clear here about how my business functions, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email at

Shipping Policy

This online store is currently run out of my home in Oklahoma City, where all my inventory resides. Once your order is placed, allow three business days for processing and shipping your order. If you chose to pick up your order locally, you may pick them up between 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. I don't offer any expidited shipping and only ship to the lower 48 states of the USA, but you can always reach out and make alternative arrangements. Contact me at

No Returns Policy

No returns or refunds on items purchased. Once your order has been fullfilled, the item is yours. You must cherrish it until you die or give it to someone who will.

Privacy Policy

I’m just a dude on the internet selling my collection of antiques. I have no interest in your personal informaiton. That said, I may need to contact you about your order and I offer the ability to sign up for a mailing list. Outside of that, if we see eachother on the street, I might offer a midwesterner’s wave and head nod. If you don’t want to recieve emails about updates to inventory or sales, then simply unsubscribe.

I won’t sell your information. Let’s just admit it, you are not that special and people are not exactly offering gobs of cash to track your odd ball purchases online. But if they did, I wouldn’t sell it becauase that sounds shady as can be.

I do track visit and use cookies. Cookies are a great tool for giving users to the site a clean and useful experience. They won’t hurt you or give you diabetes. They are not those types of cookies. They just keep track of how long you visit the site and what you look at, which I use to decide what inventory is most interesting. In the end, any data collected has little to do with you and is about making the best website I can for people looking to buy my fascinating objects. Although that data may be shared with third party analyic tools, your personal identity is not shared. And if you are really conserned about this, use a VPN and learn how the internet works. I don’t jump from a tower with a parachute in hand and THEN ask how it works, and neither should you.

Your credit card information is never stored on this site. I have an arrangement with STRIPE to allow you to store your card on file with them for future purchases. Let’s admit it, if you plan on making a lot of purchases with me, you have other problems to worry about, but if you don’t want your information stored, don’t check that option. Easy peasy.